Upgrade to developer?

I just purchased theme for developer license with Black Friday Coupon code ( $90 disc 50% )… but how come, there is another upgrade for $50 so fast… ??
Thanks you


Not sure I understand what other upgrade you’re referring to? You’ve bought the developer package for $49.5 as far as I can see.

Hi Vlad,
There is at Your Account page, View Upgrade >> (red font) in Upgrade Column beside the Manage Sites Column…
Sorry, maybe I don’t know how and where to enter the developer license number ?


You just need to install and activate the theme you want and you’ll get a notice to add your license key. Same thing if you install another theme on another domain. So you add the licenses on your WP, not here on athemes :slight_smile:

Another thing Vlad,

There are developer and each theme license number, which one to be entered ? if theme license number ( which I already entered in my website ), what is the developer license number for ?..

I truly understand this number is for my client… how if I got another client using the same theme ?

I asking this because I don’t want to get any trouble then and it has to be cleared right now…

Thanks for a great support Vlad !!.. :slight_smile:

You don’t need the developer number, it’s just something the software generates.

If you have another client using the same theme, you add the same license key again on that second client’s website. It does not matter how many times you use the license keys as they can be used on an unlimited number of websites.