Upgrade issue

i upgraded moesia-pro yesterday. now some widgets, especially «visual editor» makes problems. the widget isn’t in the normal row-position and there is no padding or margin arround the boxes. you see the difference, when you watch it on

www.nubiabrew.ch/de (with safari it looks near by ok, chrome and others it looks worse)

www.nubiabrew.ch/en (worse with every browser)

just look at the boxes «degustation» and «swiss craft beer» …

i tried to remove the content, turn off and on the theme, making a new box, etc.

thanks for support


You upgraded the Page Builder, not the theme as far as I can see. Update the theme too please.

thx. yesterday i downgraded moesia again and forgot to re-upgrade it. now it looks much better. except the header-hight. it’s not the same like the other widgets-header.

but now it’s much better and OK so.

thx and nice eastern