Upgrade has changed appearance of several websites

The recent update of the Sydney theme has changed the appearance of several of my websites. There are different issues with different websites - for example, in some, it’s a change in fonts, in others it’s the overall layout and one has a change to the heading/ logo.

I do not have the time to analyze each website and identify each change at the moment.

Is there any way to roll back to the previous version?

I can then make the needed changes to one website at a time.

(This is my fault as I’ve never had problems with Sydney before and updated several websites before checking. Plugins I always check - Sydney not previously. )

Hello there,

Some major design changes have been applied on the newer version of Sydney. However it perhaps doesn’t fit as per your requirements. To roll back to previous version, you can do this with the WP Rollback plugin.

aThemes Support

I’ve tried WP Rollback to version 1.59 but the text changes remain. To what version of Sydney do I need to rollback so the website will appear as it did before the major design changes? (I’m using a child theme - would this affect the roll back?)
Once I can roll my websites back, I can manage their upgrades to take advantage of the changes.


Unfortunately, I have also experienced huge problems after the latest updates of the Sydney theme. I rolled back to version 1.58 of Sydney and after that my website looks good again.

But I don’t know if I have to change to another theme now or what I’m gonna do …? Because sooner or later I 'm gonna need to update the theme.

Thanks - 1.58 looks like the old one. Now I can plan to move forward, with a note of what’s changed.