Updating the Widgets


Thank you in advance for your help.
I followed the documentation and everything should be working, as far as I know.
I even restarted my website while trying to fix it. Let me explain the best way I can.

I deleted all of the services that I had (the demo ones).
I inserted once again the service widget on my front page, and created a service on the services tab on the dashboard.
The services appear on my services page on the website, they appear on the “costumizing” from wordpress, but they don’t appear on the website, they just won’t update no matter what I do.

Do you have any kind of solution?
Thank you!

I forgot to mention, the website is https://portuguesetranslatorpro.com/



I do see your Services are appearing on your HomePage, have you been able to resolve the issue already? or it’s not showing in a specific web-browser?

Kind Regards,

Hello, thank you for your answer. It happened because i asked wordpress support to flush my cache. Now I’ve made changes again and they age not appearing.

Do you have any solution that doesn’t require me do ask support to flush my cache every time I change anything?

Thank you