Updating Sydney Pro deleted my child theme

More than support this is a bit of a complaint. With activating the new license thing for sydney pro it erased my child theme which I had done a lot of extra editing directly in WordPress to save time.

This is extremely annoying as this has made me loose about a month of modifications done for every single widget to work under the correct URLs.

I know there’s nothing you can do now.


The problem with the theme is that in the style.css sheet the Text domain is set as SYDNEY so when the child theme is applied it is shown as borken because it is trying to look for the free version of the sydney theme.

I had to download the latest sydney pro and edit the style sheet myself to make it sydneypro so that I can link it to the child theme correctly.


I’m sorry for your troubles, but the text domain has nothing to do with it. What matters to link them is the Template field which must correspond to the parent folder’s name. The update hasn’t change that so might be something else.
From what I understand you haven’t lost your customizations, correct?


for some reason my Sydney Pro was installed under the folder sydney-pro-ii and that is why it wasn’t working. If you hadn’t mentioned the folder name I might have gone crazy!

No it was just a broken theme but since it gets moved to the lower section of the window I thought it had been deleted.

The folder name is sydney-pro-ii, that is correct.

There was a sydney-pro version which bundled Revolution Slider. This is the one you bought and we’re not selling this one anymore because the wordpress.org team won’t let us bundle Revolution anymore. That’s why now we have sydney-pro-ii - exactly the same theme but without Revolution Slider and with Crelly Slider support instead.

We are supporting and providing automatic updates for both versions of the theme, but if you downloaded the theme again from your account you would get the sydney-pro-ii version because that’s the current one. You can email me though if you ever need the first version - vlad[at]athemes.com