Update Theme

I installed the 1.55 update from Sydney Pro and I have a problem with my products related to Woocommerce.
I can always access my shop but my products load to infinity: /
Do you have a solution ?
thank you :slight_smile:

Here is the link of the shop:
And a product:


Seems to work fine on my end. Try to clear your cache please.

Normal, I had to put back an old FTP backup to avoid the site being blocked

Well I’m online at the moment if you want to do a quick update again so I can see the issue. Can’t really help without seeing it as this isn’t a known issue.

You may want to be by yourself on the site by updating?

Ok no worry i do that

Ok, let me know when it’s updated and I’ll check.

Here, update made

Ok, I see what you mean. Have you tried disabling some of your plugins?
Can you send me an admin account to vlad[at]athemes.com so I can check deeper?

A mail has just been sent to you to connect

Can I update Woocommerce?

Yes but idem
The site does not seem loved woocommerce 3.0:

I’ve updated WC and the single product works fine now.
Please update your other WC extensions, I see you have a lot.

Also, remove the account you’ve sent for me.

At home does it always charge?

No, it loads fine. If you’re having issues, you might be seeing cache. Just hit CTRL F5 to clear it.

Everything seems to work, thanks to you :slight_smile: