Update for Revolution Slider?

I recently purchase Moesia Pro and I believe this theme came with Evolution Slider. I also noticed that it has been updated to 4.6.3 but no where I can find the latest revslider.zip… Where can I grab it?

The slider is in the /pluging/ folder. Will update today to the latest version.

hi Vlad,

Does it mean you guys will be providing the updated zip file??
or I need to download the latest theme package and rip the revslider part?

I still cannot find the latest zip on your site or either themepunch.

Please help.


We will push an update to the theme and that update will contain the latest version of Revolution Slider. After you update the theme you can simply uninstall the slider and the theme will prompt you to install the slider from the theme package and once you do that you’ll have the latest version of Revolution Slider.

By the plugins folder I was referring to the actual plugins folder in the theme package. You’re not going to find it on athemes.com as we cannot distribute the slider alone, it needs to be packed in the theme as per its license (I think so anyway).

So you just need to wait a bit for the theme to be updated. I would do it now, but I don’t have access to get the latest version of Revolution Slider so I’m waiting for the person who does to be online.

Wait a second, maybe I’m not understanding correctly, you did manage to install the 4.6.0 version which is at the moment packed in the theme, right?


Yes, I have installed 4.6.0, then I found there is a new version 4.6.3 available but I cannot find where to download it from…

That was my Q and I would love to know where I can get it.



I just explained above, the next theme update will contain the updated Revolution Slider. You’ll get a notice in your WP dashboard when you need to update the theme.


Thanks very much for your support!

I am looking forward to the update!



hi, Vlad

I updated the theme but it did not update the plugin.
It still says 4.6.0.
Am I doing anything wrong?




There was a notice in the Theme Details before you updated. It said you need to follow the steps here: https://athemes.com/documentation/revolution-slider/
It’s pretty much what I explained yesterday, though I also mentioned now that you need to first export your existing slider.

Feel free to let me know if you need help or if anything doesn’t make sense in the guide I linked above.


I proceeded the steps and now it says4.6.3!