Update for Moesia Pro

My name is Cosmin Bejan and I’m currently using Moesia Pro for our agency presentation site: Egghead Advertising. The problem is that I have not received an update for the theme since last year and I was wondering if 1.44 is the last version of Moesia Pro, and if not how can I fix the issue of updates not appearing in the Dashboard’s Update’s secton?

Hello Cosmin,

The latest version of Moesia Pro theme is 1.45, it was released only two days ago so you could not receive update notification just yet.

Can you please go to your Dashboard -> Appearance -> Themes -> Moesia Pro and check if there is such as the following notice?

Update Available

There is a new version of Moesia Pro available. View version 1.45 details or update now.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Sorry for the late reply, but no, I am not seeing such a notification. From what I understand Moesia should also have Woocommerce integrated but I am seeing none of that in my version (1.44).

Okay Cosmin,

Can you please go to your Dashboard -> Appearance -> Theme License and make sure that your theme is activated? You may also try to reactivate it.

If it won’t help, you can update the theme manually, here is very extensive guide on this topic.

If you want other plugins (either recommended or not) then you have to install them separately.

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Yes the theme is activated, however I don’t know how to reactivate it. And I wasn’t talking about extra plugins, I was referring to the ones already in the Moesia Pro bundle, but I now see there is no mention of Woocommerce, so that was my mistake. From what I see the guide, I practically have to reinstall the theme and re-apply all the changes. Is there anything that may have gone wrong in the theme’s code? Perhaps one of the optimization plugins? (I have: Autoptimize, BJ Lazy Load, Jetpack, ShortPixel Image Optimizer, W3 Total Cache, Zendy Speed: Query Strings)

Update: I deactivate the above mentioned plugins and checked for updates, nothing…

Hi Cosmin,

1.44 is indeed the latest version. The one that Roman is referring to (1.45) doesn’t come with Revolution Slider because we had to drop support for it. So we’re basically running two different versions of the same theme, one with Revolution Slider support, one without.

Hi Vlad, i just reinstalled moesia pro on a site http://frenzi.sisonke-design.com/ with the zip file version 1.40. now it doesnt update to 1.44. how can i update? thanks a lot,

sorry for the post, solved it…

I see, so basically this is the latest, probably last update for my version. Thx