Update font awesome icons to version 5

Hi, i need to update the font awesome file, because i need to use some new icons. How can i do this?


Please download the fontawesome from here: https://fontawesome.com/ from the downloaded folder / web-fonts-with-css / css / fontawesome.css and fontawesome.min.css and from the web-fonts-with-css / webfonts copy all files and add them all to the theme’s fonts folder ( on your server you can find it in wp-content / themes / sydney ).

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Thanks for your help! If i’m using a child theme, can i put the new files directly into the directory of the child theme and leave the parent theme files as they are?

EDIT: i tried your solution uploading the new fontawesome file in the parent theme, but it’s not working.

I tried downloading the latest version of fontawesome and updating the files to the respective folders, but it didn’t work. One problem is that the old css file is called “font-awesome” and the new one “fontawesome”. Renaming the css files still didn’t work - the v5 icons don’t display.

FA is now up to version 5.6, but Sydney still uses version 4.7.0. When is Sydney going to be updated to use the latest FA library? There are great new cons that I’d like to use that simply aren’t in v4.