Update Brought Me Errors

Hi All,

I was working on website and did some changes (coding to function.php). Then I had a break for a few months. After that I updated the theme and it resulted in few problems:

  1. Errors in style.css. It says: “There are 2 errors which must be fixed before you can update this file.”. These errors are:
    grid-template-columns: repeat(3, 1fr);
    grid-template-rows: repeat(3, 1fr);

Please advise what shall I do?

  1. I added 3 taxonomies (coding in functions.php). For now, I don’t see any such code. The 2 taxonomies are still in place and working. The 3rd disappeared. I added it again through a snippet. But it’s taxonomy values are not showing everywhere it should.

Please advise any solutions as I’m stuck a bit.


Hello there,

CSS validation isn’t part of theme’s code. It comes from WordPress system itself. It looks like WordPress should update as it still doesn’t recognise grid- properties.

At this time, you can use child theme’s style.css or WP Add Custom CSS plugin.


Could you share your extra code here?


Thanks for reply.

  1. Sorry, what shall I do for the 1st question? Any ideas how to fix the 2 errors?
  2. Sure, I can share extra code. Please tell what code exactly you need?

Hello there,


I am sorry, I don’t exactly know the purpose of those lines. It seems like that is a bit advance layout change. Fixing it requires exploration, testing, and troubleshooting; which will take several hours for me. Our support policy doesn’t allow to do so. Again, I am sorry :frowning:

I will discuss to our colleague @roman if there’s something he could help.

2 I added 3 taxonomies (coding in functions.php)

Did you know what code did you add in there? If so, please share it there.



  1. Those two lines look okay to me, here is a relevant page regarding the repeat() CSS function. So I think that there is nothing to fix if you don’t see problems with your shop categories on the front-end.

Kind Regards, Roman.
aThemes Support

Hi Roman,
Yes, there is no problem on the front-end. However, what shall I do with those 2 errors at the end? errors2

You can leave it as it is for now since the code works.

But I added this issue to our list, so it might be fixed in a future update.

Kind Regards, Roman.
aThemes Support

Noted, thank you. Please close this topic

OK, you are welcome!

Kind Regards, Roman.
aThemes Support