Unresponsive Fonts On All Pages


Website newbie here. I downloaded the Sydney Theme and I’ve been struggling the entire day :frowning: A few issues

  1. My site header refuses to change colors from white to anything else (bummer because my website is white, so "about us, contact etc doesn’t even seem to be on the website). I was able to customize it before, but after playing with colors, it just stopped responding.

  2. Because of that, the hover, sub-menu items, and sub-menu items background don’t change colour either and are stuck at a pink and black.

  3. My theme is responsive to very few fonts, and no change is implemented (I’ve checked out the new tutorial on how to add Google fonts)

  4. In addition to that, no matter where I go, I cannot change the font size on anything - header, slider header, font body.

  5. Is there a way I can merge my header BG and body BG on my pages (not the front page).

  6. I cannot change the colors on my font body:(

  • I’ve tried clearing my cache, history, restarted my laptop and everything.
  • I’ve downloaded Custom CSS based on the posts I’ve read here.
  • My site is a big mess and essentially nothing at the moment, so it’s not live.


Hi @Rachel18,

Thank you for contacting us in here. Looks like you have posted several issue at once. Can you please to separate it one issue one post? So when another person have similar issue with yours, hope they can find the thread more easy.


Sure! thanks :slight_smile: