Uniform sizes for client images

Aloha aThemes,

I’ve been using Sydney Pro for my studio’s website and am trying to hammer out all the remaining polish issues before we officially launch.

The one I’m tackling at the moment is that my client logos all appear as different sizes. I have tried manually resizing them in an image editing program (to make them a uniform HxW) and regenerating thumbnails, but some still appear larger than others.

Digging around the forum has yielded some Additional CSS, but it hasn’t made a noticeable difference.

The site address is www.polyhedronproductions.com

You will likely encounter the Under Construction lander. Please let me know whether you would prefer I simply deactivate it or add an IP address to the whitelist.

Would really appreciate some guidance on this. The devil’s in the details.



Hello there,

Please try to manually resize all of your image to have identical height and width; make sure they aren’t larger than 230px. Otherwise, it’ll be scaled to 230px wide and its height will proportionally follows.