Uniform Background Color Among Page Templates


I was able to alter the background color in the customization menu, but it seems to only apply to the Front Page template. Any other template still displays the old (default) color. Am I missing something?




Hello Grant,

Just checking your site and looks like you already fix it? all pages of your site has same background color

Hello Awar,

They have the same background color because they are all currently set to the Front Page template. I’d like to use other templates and maintain that same color, but if I use one, the page background goes to white again. Here’s an example, for which I’ve set the page to the Default Template:


Thank you,



Actually, the background color is worked fine. Those white background color came from the default background color of its content.

you can apply these css code to remove it:

.page-wrap .content-wrapper {
    background-color: transparent;

use simple custom css plugin or child theme to put the code above.