Understanding how Sydney-Child Theme works with Sydney Theme

Hi Guys,

Sorry to bother you with stuff that may be simple.
However, I have installed Sydney-Child Theme so my changes to the Footer would not be changed with the updates. This works fine.
I have read a few of your recommended articles about Child Themes and I’m still not quite sure how it all works.

  1. Do I have to copy code or styles into the Child Themes code or styles area for things to work properly?
    Note: The site seems to be working OK at the moment, but not sure about future changes I make.

  2. As I’m building the site, what changes where? The Child Theme or the Parent Theme or am I still not quite getting it?

  3. When I tried to install the recommended Plugins for Sydney, it told me they may not work with my current theme (Child). Can you give info about this.

Sometimes I don’t quite understand what I trying to ask. I would like to know the relationship between the Child and the Parent Themes and how they work with one another.


Shaunie P

Hello Shaunie,

Can you please create a separate topic for each of your questions in order to make it easier to help you?

Kind Regards, Roman.