Unconfigured Theme

I really have no idea why that happened, but suddenly my page just bugged and showed no content at all (just the header and header image). Then i began rewriting all my site and i noticed that my services section is with a gray background.

I searched and found out thats probably a plugin related problem.
Please help! :frowning:


Simply remove your background image from your Services widget. Though you don’t actually have a valid background there, you probably typed some text manually.

Also, content doesn’t simply disappear without reason :slight_smile: I’m guessing some plugin conflicted with the Page Builder plugin.

For some reason the pagebuilder is creating this code at the end of the services section:

<style type="text/css">
					.services-area {
					    display: block;			    
						background: url(http://Array) no-repeat;
						background-position: center top;
						background-attachment: fixed;
						background-size: cover;
						z-index: -1;
						position: static;
					.service {
						background-color: rgba(0,0,0,0.6);
						border-right: 1px solid #5E5E5E;
					.service:nth-of-type(7) {
						border-right: 0;

This is expected right?

The theme is creating that, not the Page Builder. Those black backgrounds for the services are added when you add a background image for the Services widget. As I said, simply remove any text you have in the image field and they will disappear.

After that if you want a background image for that row or any other row, just use the Row Styles button. You can see how to use it in this video: https://athemes.com/documentation/moesia/#rows

I’ve tried exactly that, also tried to disable multiple plugins, tried to upload another random image to the background, tried to switch to moesia non-pro theme and the issue persists. I cant even upload a new image to the background.

My site was fine, almost done, then i updated pagebuilder and installed shortcodes and this happened… :frowning:

I am trying to write a replica using HTML so im almost done, no worries. I really aprecciate your help Vlad!! Thanks, you’re the best!

Could you make an admin account for me and send it to vlad[at]athemes.com. I’ll remove that manually for now.

Thanks! Just did!

Alright, it’s done. There seems to be a small conflict with the latest version of Page Builder regarding the background images. I’ll look into. I’ve also read they’ll do another update today or tomorrow.

I REALLY appreciate that man! Thanks!

Vald, I think I have the same issue- my BG images are NOT working. I just bought & downloaded the Pro them yesterday.
Please send an update asap.

It’s not the same issue, this one was with the Page Builder plugin and it was solved.

Nothing is broken so there is no update needed, I have replied on your other topic :slight_smile: