"Uncategorized" label suddenly appears in Shop Page


An “Uncategorized” label has suddenly appear in my Shop Page.

Whenever I try to un-check its category label, it automatically re-checks itself after I press the update button.

(I am trying to put screenshots below but I’m not sure if its displaying)

Please see the link: https://www.frmquestionbank.com/shop/

I would greatly appreciate any help please!


I have just checked your Shop page and it looks like you have already resolved this issue, is it correct?

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hi Roman,

Thank you for replying and yes. I had to do a roll-back of the website to an earlier version.

I’m still not sure what the proper fix is unfortunately.


Phillip, you can create a staging website if you want to troubleshoot this issue without affecting the production website:

Please feel free to leave here a note if you need more help.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Thank you very much, Roman. I will be going through this link.

You are welcome Phillip!

Kind Regards, Roman.