Unable to upload ogv file


I guess it’s an issue related to a recent update in WP, maybe not…

I’m using a video header, accordingly I need to upload an gov file (second field in customizing/video/Enter the full link for your .ogv video)

However the media library return a “Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons.” message.

I’ve previously been able to upload this .ogv file, which has been deleted by me by mistake. File hasn’t changed in between…

Accordingly, Moesia Pro, require this file type in order to get a complete and proper setup.

Could you indicate the safiest and easiest way to upload this file again ?

Many thanks for the solution you’ll provide.




It could be that you’re host disabled these types of files since you last uploaded.
Don’t worry about it, ogv is not really required anymore.
We’ll be switching to core Wordpress video header support anyway and that requires only mp4.

Ok Vlad

Accordingly, waiting for the next update of the theme, I guess…

Thank you