Unable to Update Sydney Pro


I have received notification of an available update for Sydney Pro, but when I try to update I get an error message:

Downloading update from https://athemes.com/edd-sl/package_download/MTQ1MTUxNjU3NjpkZDkzZGJiNzQ5OGQ2ZjA3MzEyNGY2NzY1YjkyZDVlYToxODY1NDpkY2ZhNzBmODUwZTY2YTQ1MTg1OGVmYjRkYzVlYjlhYzo=…

An error occurred while updating Sydney Pro: Download failed. Unauthorized

I’ve also noticed since upgrading from free to Pro that when making changes to pages/posts the preview doesn’t reflect all the amendments, for example, changing row colours. It instead shows previous formats. Sometimes pages/posts won’t save/update, but when you go back in to the page/post the change has been made. Is this a known issue?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes, Holly

Apologies, forgot to include link: www.virtualangels.co.uk


It could be that your license key isn’t stored properly in the database. Can you please install the Adminer plugin and then send an admin account for me at vlad[at]athemes.com so I can have a look in your database?

The theme doesn’t interfere with post saving or previewing in any way, so there might be a plugin issue. Or maybe even a caching one.

Thanks Vlad - have done that and sent details across to you.

Okay, your license is now active and I’ve updated the theme. Shouldn’t cause any more problems. You can now remove Adminer and the account you’ve made for me.

Brilliant - thanks so much for such a speedy response!