Unable to select Search Box

Dear Support,

My client requires the search box to be nearer the top of the page. As you will see on http://jenpar.rawdemo.co.uk/contact

The problem is that you can’t click in the box and it appears to be because the box is hidden behind a div. If you shrink the size of the window so that the box moves down, you can click it because it is no longer behind the div.

As a test, I copied the original theme and the CSS changes to a separate site for test purposes and bizarrely that works fine.


This is exactly what I want to achieve on the first site, so that the search box is selectable but I can’t see why it would be wrong, unless its in the configuration of the theme outside of CSS.

Can you help please and advise how to make the search box selectable on the first site at http://jenpar.rawdemo.co.uk

Many thanks



Seems to be caused by your fixed header height. Add this and it should solve it:

#search-2 {
  position: relative;
  z-index: 99;

Hi Vlad,

Wonderful, thank you.

So simple, that did the trick.



Hi Vlad,

I have a further problem.

I had to change the z-index of search-2 to be higher so that it would work but now I see that I have a conflict with site-header.

I have set site header to 100 and set the search-2 to 99. I can’t access the search box. If I set the search box to 101 then I can access the search box but the dropdown menu is behind the search box.

So I need the header to be behind the search box but the dropdown to be in front, how can this be achieved?

Example: http://jenpar.rawdemo.co.uk/children/celebrating-achievement/




Unfortunately there is no way of doing that without removing your custom fixed header height.

Hi Vlad,

Thank you for your reply.

It’s not often there is no way of doing something which is a bit disappointing.

Could you advise what piece of code I would need to enter in header.php to show the search box beside the menu. I’ll style it as necessary, I just need the code to make it appear and then I’ll add it to the header so that we have:

Home School Parents Etc [SEARCH BOX]

Many thanks for your help as this will get us out of a real pickle.




Well, there could be a way but I’m not seeing it with your current setup.

This will show the search form:
<?php get_search_form(); ?>

Another way of doing this would be to filter the menu. Please see the code from this post.


So simple - thanks for your help.