Unable to see testimonials, projects, employees in dashboard

Hi, I have been trying to build some stuff with these amazing theme. For using the testimonials (or projects, employees) section I figured out I should be able to see it dashboard but am unable to.

Please help. Thanks a lot.


Have a look at the documentation page please. Follow the steps in the Quick Start Guide.

Thanks a lot Vlad. That helped.

There are a couple of more issues that I need help on.
Can I reduce the height of welcome area, so that a small part of the section below it is visible. (like airbnb.com)

I am not able to change the font size of ‘call to action’ text. Can it be changed?

Thanks a lot again.

You can set a max-height for the image from Customize > Header Image.

For the buttons you can use this in a custom CSS plugin and adjust as needed:

.call-to-action {
    font-size: 16px;

Hi Vlad, I tried to change the max height in both the cases
Header max height > 1199px
Max height for the header at screen widths above 1199px
and 1024px, but couldn’t see any changes. Please tell me where am I going wrong.

Another query. I want to display a photostream, but the ‘projects’ eat up too much space on the page. Can I do it in someway ‘Moesia Pro : Dribbble’ does it? Or there is any other suggested way / plugin that could be used?


Also, is there any way I can display some info in the ‘What we did’ way of Sydney Pro?


Have you actually saved your changes and left the Customizer? The changes might not be visible when the Customizer is expanded, depends on screen size. Post a link please so I can see.
You can use any kind of portfolio plugin you’d like.
No, Moesia doesn’t have that widget. But if you do a search for timeline plugins you’ll find alternatives.