Unable to Make Any Changes in Front page - IMPORTANT!


I have no issue with other pages on my site but my front page on Wordpress is too slow. When i click on edit page in took about one minute to load. After that when i make any changes in front page and click update, it takes about two minutes to upload and then front page redirect to posts page. Also, no changes are taking effect on front page. Appearance section is working though.

From yesterday, i am seeing a weird section in plug-ins which is “Drop-Ins”. In Drop-Ins section there are two new plugins (1.advanced-cache.php 2. db.php).

I really need to fix this issue as soon as possible. You may need to do it by remote access? or any other solution?

Please reply. Thank you.



The Drop-ins section is controlled either by your host’s setup, or by a plugin. Not by the theme.
These issues started the same time as the Drop-ins section showed up?

Hi Vlad,

I am really not sure. Today when i was deactivating my all plugins to check if a plugin is making this issue i saw Drops-in section.

I deactivated all plugins but still have same problem. What could be the solution for this.
All other pages are fine, its just the front page.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Send me an admin account to vlad[at]athemes.com please so I can take a look and tell me the exact steps I need to take to reproduce the issue.

Thanks Vlad. Please check your email.