Unable to live preview

While customizing the main page, the preview side of the screen is blank. I am able to view a preview of the Sample Page.

Hello there,

I am sorry to hear you have run into trouble.

How did you setup your main page? Is that the imported demo content? If possible, please share the link to your site.


Thanks for the quick reply, Kharis. The site is greengofeeders.com, but I have not published it yet because I have no idea how it looks. I am able to replace the demo content, in the customize panel, but nothing appears in the preview window. The preview panel does work in Page Builder.

I’m not sure if this is related, but I’ve also installed and set up the WP Maintenance Mode plugin but it does not appear on the site. There is only this at the top of of a white screen, when I go directly to the site or try to view it via the WP dashboard.

I did disable the WP Total Cache, as recommended in one forum topic, but there was no change. I had already experienced the problem before I installed the WP Maintenance Mode, so I’m certain that’s not the cause. The only other active plugins are, Akismet, Hello Dolly, Jetpack, MOJO Market, OptinMonster API, Page Builder, and Sydney Toolbox.

Thanks for your help

It was an issue with WordPress, not the theme.