Unable to import Demo Data

Hi All,
I am new to Sydney Pro - and absolutely love the demo theme here - it is just what I am looking for - http://demo.athemes.com/themes/?theme=Sydney%20Pro - unfortunately, I cannot get the import data working - as I wanted to set it as it is in the demo page - but unable to do so. Any help would be appreciated.

1.I downloaded theme and required plug-ins
2.I installed the demo import data plug in - but it still doesn’t work - although the plug in does say it worked.

Please can you assist.

Hello there,

This such issue is typically caused by wp-content directory permission which isn’t writable. Please check it through either cPanel’s file manger or FTP program. Try to set 766. If it fails, try 777.



Hi Kharis,

Thanks for the response on this. I did change the permissions as per your email. In fact, I removed the wordpress completely and retried it from a fresh install. Can you check this site and see if that is what I should be seeing - www.urevive.co.uk - as it looks alot different to the demo site - which is the reason why I purchased the theme: http://demo.athemes.com/themes/?theme=Sydney%20Pro

How do I get it to that point where I can edit and add my own material please. I am working on a Nonprofit and this theme is ideal for what I am aiming to achieve. Your assistance is appreciated.


The theme I have installed still looks the same as Sydney and not Sydney Pro to be honest - I’m sure something isn’t right. Although I definitely downloaded and installed Sydney Pro theme and activated the licence.

Please can you help on this?



Hi - I figured out what it was - I had to change my static front page - it is now set as ‘my front page’ and now it works fine! result!


Excellent! I’m glad to know you figured it out. You can follow the below links that might be helpful for you when working with Sydney Pro:

Feel free to pen a new topic if you need any other assistance.