Unable to edit hyperlinks color


How do I change the color of hyperlinks, a category link, post title hover color? They are unaffected by the “Primary Color” setting in the Customization options. The only thing that the “Primary Color” seems to affect is the “Search” button and the “Post Comment” button.

Please help. Thanks.

Hi again,

If you are referring to same site https://patrickpx.com/ , for title hover, use following css, and set desired color value:

.latest-post-title a:hover,
.post-item .post-content .entry-title a:hover {
    color: #ffcc00;

For category link color, and hover color, use css below, and also set preferred color values:

.entry-meta .cat-links a {
    color: #ffcc00;

.entry-meta .cat-links a:hover {
    color: red;