Unable to download demo data


First, great theme!

I’m having some difficulties downloading the demo data. I’ve tried it with the ‘One Click Demo Import’ plugin and manually, but it’s not working!

The wheel keeps spinning during the import and eventually gives me an Error(0). When importing manually i succeed untill I get to ‘assign author’. I try to assign the messages to my admin account, select the ‘download and import attachments’ option and hit send.

Do you have any idea what i’m doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,


Forgot to mention: When I hit send, I get an Internal Server Error!

Hello Eline,

One Click Demo Import is actually importing multiple files at once; they are demo content and widget settings. Afterwards, it runs some tasks to complete the demo setup. The reason why that error occurs is your server might have low memory limit. Please check with your web hosting support department. Meanwhile, you can read how to increase it on this article.