Unable to create new projects and posts - templates override changes

Maybe your team can shed some light on this issue. I created a template for how I wanted my posts to be laid out, but when I create a new post, assign the template, and try to edit the content, it only gives me the option to override the template (which overrides all the posts).

Am I missing a step? I created 8 posts and discovered that each one was overridden by the last one. So I’ve wasted a ton of time and have no clue what I’m doing wrong.

I don’t want to create a new page for each project and blog post, because then how would I sort them (like how I have them on my homepage currently). Unless it’s possible to create a similar carousel with pages that includes thumbnail/excerpt/etc?

Hello @dsage,

Did you check this Live Composer documentation page?

Kind Regards, Roman.