Unable to Add Rows in SiteBuilder

I am having trouble adding rows in the PageBuilder by Site Origin, Version 2.2. In other words, I can view I’m very unfamiliar with WordPress, and I’m currently using version 4.3.1. I have no idea what to do.

Hi, you can follow these tutorials to getting started with page builder https://siteorigin.com/page-builder/documentation/

Thanks for sharing! I should be more specific. The “Insert” button on the Add Rows functionality will not work in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or IE. Myself and a few other people have logged into my profile on the website I am building on separate machines and the “Insert” button does absolutely nothing.

Inspecting the element, I receive this error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘prototype’ of undefined — through http://debsinfonet.com/wp-content/plugins/unyson/framework/static/libs/backbone-relational/backbone-relational.js?ver=2.4.7 – Should I disable Unyson?

I disabled Unyson… THAT FREAKING WORKED. UNYSON was BLOCKING the Page Builder app… WHAT. THE. I am so mad and happy and angry and excited at the same time.