Unable to activate the slider


I just purchased Alizee Pro and I am trying to activate the slider. I created a category named “Slider” and selected it in the slider options within the Customize Theme dashboard.

It only shows up when I set the frontpage to static. What I need, however is for the frontpage to show the Latest posts and the slider to display above the 3 columns of posts.

The site is here: http://cmw25.org/

Kindly help me make this happen.




It should be there if you haven’t change some code, just like it is on our demo page which is showing the Latest Posts. Can you send me an admin account to vlad[at]athemes.com so I can have a look?

Looks like it’s working now. I assume you didn’t have posts in that category or they didn’t have featured images when you opened this topic.

yes, they are showing now because I unhid them from the frontpage.

Do you notice that the same posts (slider category) is also displayed in the columns? They shouldn’t show up down there also. They should be only on the slider.

Why wouldn’t they be in the columns? They are posts from your site after all. Alizee’s slider, like any other posts slider, is supposed to feature your important or latest posts, it’s not meant to work as something separate from the rest of your site.
But you can hide them with some custom CSS if you feel is needed:

.blog .category-slider {
  display: none;

I have my reasons, so no need to be cocky. That is just how I need it to be. So thanks for the workaround.

The prompt assistance is very much appreciated.

It was far from my intention to be cocky, I just wanted to explain how and why it works this way.

I understand.