Tyying to import settings xml

Every time I hit import in types to upload the xml it throws a 500 error, I can upload it from my host administration if I knew where to put it…any help would be appreciated

What kind of errors are you seeing?

500 - Internal server error.

There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed.

Oh, sorry. I first read it throws 500 errors.

Are you doing it like it is shown on the video on the documentation page?

yes I am, just will not work for me…if I know where to put the file I could try and upload from my host administration site

Sorry, I don’t think you can upload it directly. I think it needs to be processed by the plugin. You can try to copy the contents from the xml file and use the text imported that Types provides. It’s on the same page as the upload field.

Thank you , I love the theme but this one issue has me baffled. I think its a types issue and not related to the theme…but would love to have it working. I do not see the text imported that Types provides. Again I cant get in the import/export at all.
Thanks again!

Can you send me an admin account to vlad[at]athemes.com so I can have a look and try to import it?

Thanks Vlad, coming to you.

I checked it out but I can’t help you with this unfortunately as it is not theme related. You’ll have to speak with your host, I’m not even sure the developers of the plugin can help you here.

Thank you for your time, greatly appreciated!