Types Toolset is not working


Hello, I recently used Rocked Pro for the first time and I was unable to login to wordpress. According to my host, Types Toolset was the issue. My host deactivated it and now I can login to the site but I am missing all Types Toolset features like services, employees, testimonials, clients and projects, etc.

I activated an older version of Types Toolset thru WP Rollback but that didn’t work. What do you recommend?

The is regarding the site url: masteroilandmore.com


Hello, what is your host?

Kind Regards, Roman.


My host is called Hostgator. They said to contact you regarding this issue.



I could not recreate your issue on my local Rocked Pro theme install, it works well with Toolst Types 2.3.4 plugin. So it might be some plugins conflict. You can temporarily deactivate all your plugins except Page Builder by SiteOrigin and try to activate Toolst Types plugin once again. Please remember about importance of regular full site backups (files and database):

Kind Regards, Roman.