Types Plugin

I’m having a conflict problem with the Types plugin, it causes my pages to go blank when I try to get to page builder.
The problem started when I imported the new settings file for Timeline Events, I can now create and edit a new event, but when I click to edit the front page, the page goes all white.

I updated the Types plugin, re-installed it, cleared the cache, but nothing works.
I only using plugins recommended by the theme and they are all up to date.

One more thing, on the plugins page, there is a link to register this particular plugin, but nothing makes sense about the page I am taken to.



Could you send me an admin account to vlad[at]athemes.com so I can have a look?

Hi Vlad,
Yes, will do that now.
Thank you

It’s your WP Editor plugin that is causing the issue. I’ve deactivated it. Pretty sure it’s not conflicting with Types, at most it can conflict with the Page Builder. But I doubt that also.

Hi Vlad,
Thank you very much for taking the time to fix the problem. I really appreciate your fast help.

Hi, I don’t know how to create forum for my question, therefore put my question here.

I am new with wordpress actually… I purchased a theme today from this website, and the problem is I can’t find import the types in the tool. Type plug in already installed but somehow the page is displayed differently from the tutorial videos. Before purchasing the theme here, I was using totally different theme and building website under it. Maybe that’s the reason?!

Is there any way I can start with the default setting for the theme I bought today?

Thank you for your support in advance.

Hi Yoonseon,

What is the name of the theme you are using?

If you want to start a new topic for your particular theme, this is what you do -

  1. Go to the top of this page and click on Forums. (it is very small in red letters)
  2. Next click on the name of the theme you purchased, e.g. Sydney Pro.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of that page and you will see a heading called
    Create New Topic in “Sydney Pro”. Add your question and and some topic tags and someone will reply very soon.

Regarding your Types question, did you both install and activate the Types and Page Builder plugins?
Look at the top of your Wordpress Dashboard or in Plugins, it will tell you if these plugins are installed and activated. (they can be installed, but not activated)

You should have imported the settings file, I have only used Sydney Pro and Perth Pro and they both required importing the settings file. To do this,
click on the theme you are using here then follow the instructions for the Documentation.

If you still have questions, try starting a new topic for your particular theme.
I hope this helps