Two Testimonials custom post types

Hi Athemes

I have recently inherited a client site which I would like to revamp with Talon theme. The site already has many testimonials however the new theme has created a new Testimonials custom post type option and the existing testimonials are not being picked up by the talon testimonials widget and it says I need to create some… how do I get the theme to see the existing testimonials? I don’t want to have to recreate up to 90 testimonials!

Thanks very much


Hello Bibs,

In order to use Talon’s testimonial, you’ve to manually compose them with Testimonials post type of Talon. There’s no automatic import or something like so.

Slide testimonials as seen above only calls the entries published under Talon’s Testomonials CPT.


OK Kharis, that’s a shame then! Thanks very much for letting me know though.