Twitch TV Embed Widget Query


First off, great theme; first time building a site and its very easy to use and navigate!

Okay, its a query regarding the above plugin; appreciate that this isn’t for you to support, however when I place the shortcode into a text widget and place this in either the sidebar or the footer bars, only text appears, not video player.

If I do add the same shortcode to a post / page, then the player appears.

Are the sidebar/footers restricted to what can be shown?

Forgive me, however I’ve a complete novice.

Kindest Regards


This is really a question for the plugin’s support. Not even for them, it’s mostly a general WP question :slight_smile:
Text widgets (which are part of WP, not the theme) don’t execute shortcodes by default.

What you need to do is add this add_filter('widget_text', 'do_shortcode'); in a custom CSS plugin, or if you want you can install our portfolio plugin from the documentation page which already has this code.

Thanks for the very quick reply, its very much appreciated and I will look into this.