Tuning "Ready To Rock" area

Hi there,

This is my first install with Rocked Pro, and I need to modify the transparency of the “Ready to Rock” overlay and change the text, but I can’t find a control for that.

Where are the controls for it?

And second, is there any way to turn the “Ready To Rock” completely off for returning visitors? It’s fine for new visitors, but if I came back to the site several times, it would be annoying. Cookies? Registered users?



To change the transparency in the header area, you have to use css rule.
Put the css code below using simple custom css plugin or in your child theme:
.header-image::after{ opacity: 0.5; }

You can adjust the value of the opacity from the code above.

Then, to change the text in the header, please go to Customize > Header area >
Header text.

And about your second question because there is no option to turn on the header only when user has the first time access the site.
I am not sure if there is plugin to handle it, maybe you can hire developer to make some changes as you need :slight_smile: