Trying to make Astrid a one page scrolling site

I am using the Astrid theme and want it to be a modern full page (one) page scrolling site but it seems to be handling like a standard click to new page site…what can I do to fix this and if I need to install a plug in is supporting code required.
I looked at an astrid video for anchor scrolling but it suggests setting
it up via widgets for pages such as about, services, etc. and I don’t have widgets…

Also I made a few changes
in one of the pages.font weight etc.
I know this theme is suppose to be responsive but the spacing
looks different on a mobile device and on my desktop…

Done a lot of reading and don’t know how to fix these

Thanks for any help!!!


Please check this thread, I hope its relevant with your issue.


Doesn’t seem to apply to what I’m trying to do…is there a simple one page setting on Astrid

This doesn’t make it a one page scrolling site…any ideas?


Have you tried the trick on those thread?
Put the ID element of the section as menu’s link is the trick to make one page scrolling. But yes, there is no effect when scrolling page.


Yes I tried that but it didn’t work. Is Astrid a full page scrolling theme by default? Maybe a setting needs to be changed? I am not referring to setting anchor points just full page scrolling so all pages on the site are on one page. The Astrid demo shows as one single page for all sections.

I can create one page scrolling with my code outside of WP just not with the Astrid theme.

this is the site

.thank you…


I’ve just checked your site and I noticed that you are using “Full width” template for the front page. Please use “Widgetized” template instead.

Also, I didn’t see that you are using page builder. Currently, there are service page, team page, etc on your site. They are in different page and are using single page.

Please follow the instruction to build your front page from this documentation page first.