Trying to hide featured images when users search by category and tag widgets

I am new to wordpress and love the alizee theme, but need help with one aspect I want to customize. How can I hide featured images when users search posts by category and tags, but still keep them visible on the home page and on top of the individual blog posts? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

My site is If need be, I can copy the part of the code you need to see, just let me know. (I don’t know enough to understand what part of code would be useful for others to see at this point).


You can try to hide the the featured image using following css code:

body.tag .entry-thumb, body.category .entry-thumb {
    display: none;

Add the css code to styles.css in your child theme or use simple custom css plugin.

Awan, you are my hero!

Copied your code into the custom css plugin and now everything looks exactly as I had hoped. I cannot thank you enough.

Glad to know if its worked.

Please feel free to ask here if you need more help.