Trying to fix my email address in my footer

Please help! I am simply trying to correct the spelling of my email address at the bottom of my home page. When I right click over the my email address then select “inspect,” WordPress opens a console where I seem to have access to the coding. I am able to delete that email address or correct the spelling which is [email address redacted] Problem is I do not see a “save,” “update,” or “publish button anywhere on that page. I can see when I delete the email address it is removed on that same page but when I go back to the original website it is STILL there. I’m using old Sydney plugins. Is there a some sort of command I should enter in the coding? Any help is much appreciated. Website is


I checked your email part in the bottom section. But still don’t get any clue about the issue you’re experiencing. Perhaps a video screen recording would help? Could you please take a screen recording, share to Google Drive or other file sharing services, and link it here to update me?

aThemes Support