Truncated posts

I’m using my posts pages as a news stream, but each post is truncated after a few words, ending with […] and no images displayed etc.
Is there a way to display full posts? I’ve altered settings but they’re all truncated still.
Would a blog or news plugin be better for this purpose?

Thanks in advance!!

Hello Gwion,

Talon posts archive content designed like so – to only show an excerpt as a short introductory text. It isn’t an issue to fix.

To accomplish your objective, you’ll doe some code adjustment with a child theme. If you’re new to this, read this codex. Firstly create a child theme, then replicate template-parts/content.php file from parent theme. Find the_excerpt(); line and replace it with the_content();

In your child theme’s functions, add this code:

     * Remove custom post class
    add_action('init', 'talon_child_remove_custom_post_class');
    function talon_child_remove_custom_post_class() {
      remove_filter( 'post_class', 'talon_post_classes' );

Here’s the final child theme that you should have.

After activating a child theme, you might loose some configurations you’ve done in the customizer. It’s normal, as child is actually identified as another theme. To sync the previous settings, you can use the Customizer Export/Import plugin.