Trouble with video player


It seems I cannot get a video to play for the header for some reason. im assuming its how I set it up as I have no idea. I uploaded the videos to my library and linked my video url to the “video” setion where it says to enter the full link for the video. I also have activated all the things that came with the theme. Does it have something to do with my videos that im uploading?


It should play if it’s in the correct format. Could you post a link to your website?

Also, you should use the bundled Revolution Slider for this.


Do I need to pay for the wordpress premium account so I can upload videos to my library? or is there a way around that?


I’m not really sure what premium account you’re referring to?


in wordpress you can upload your own videos and pics, but cannot upload videos without paying wordpress 100$ for the premium service. Unless im not understanding it correctly. which I don’t think I am.

I figured out how to use the revolution slider, but seem to be having issues with getting it the way I want the video to play when the user first gets to the home screen.

Im going for something like what has.
What would be the best way to link the video so it keeps its resolution and doesn’t get grainy, and plays smooth.


ok maybe this will help.
I was reading
and saw
Header background video
•Upload a .mp4 video to your Media Library from Media > Add New. Copy the link for that video.
•Go to Appearance > Customizer and find the tab called Video.
•Activate the video background from the checkbox that you can find there and add the link for your video in the .mp4 field.
•Save and enjoy!

I am having issues uploading a .mp4 to my library.
Seems after I upload the videos they wont play.

#7 is the site.


I see you managed to set up a Vimeo video in the slider. From the same place where you’ve set your Vimeo video you’ll notice that you can set a HTML5 video. Just make sure you supply your video at least in mp4 and webm formats. Also, make sure you upload a poster image there.

I’m still not sure what premium services and who told you that you need to pay $100, but you don’t need to do that.


I think I was just having issues with the hosting site or somewhere else when I was uploading it. im assuming its who is hosting my site ( go daddy) that has media limits. In my wordpress account, I have a media section I can upload to. Pics upload fine but some videos don’t seem to. Some wont play, some wont even load. So I dug around and found that link above that explains that to upload videos then you need to pay the 100$ premium. I think I was wrong to think they are associated.

On another note I think im getting closer. seems I cant get the darn thing to play? is it to large?


There is no video there to play as far as I see in the Chrome debugging tool. Tell you what, make an admin account for me and send it to vlad[at] and I’ll set up a video for you.


Email sent


I haven’t received it. You have replaced [at] with @, right?


one more thing. When your on the site now, I would like it so that when I scroll down the menu doesn’t move to the top but stays solid and still where it is. I think its a simple thing. I remember watching it in the videos somewhere but cant seem to find that video.