Trouble changing color of submenu toggle (in mobile menu)


i am having trouble changing the color of the Toggle for dropdown menus in Mobile view:

i identified the toggle as having the class .btn-submenu. Having already changed the color of the main Menu button (.btn-menu) i was surprised, that the dropdown toggle doesn’t respond in the same way (i.e. not at all). For my attempt to change the color i used following css in custom css:

.btn-submenu {
color: #555;

Any ideas where i am going wrong??



Itis not .btn-submenu but .btn-menu


Hi Awan, thanks for you’re assistance!

However, i have already changed the colour of the main menu icon (.btn-menu) in Mobile mode.

Now I am trying to change colour of the submenu toggle in mobile mode (the little arrow on the right of a navigation button which contains a dropdown). As mentioned, i have identified its class as .btn-submenu but it doesn’t respond to color changes.


Oh I see… Use this please:

.btn-submenu:before {
    color: red;

Great! Thanks a lot Awan - Problem solved!