Transparent Submenu's

Hello A Team,

On my webpage I added some submenu’s below Mainmenu item “Over Campiade”.
When on my homepage I cannot get the background transparent. I think the solutions is in a Customized CSS but which code?



Hello Michiel,

if you want your submenus to be transparent, please apply this code:

#mainnav .sub-menu li a {
  background-color: transparent;

Thanks a lot!

It worked, but now I also want to get the hover background transparent.

In order not to bother you all with this kind of customization questions I’d would like to ask a more general one: Is there anywhere available a sort of Custom Guide for this Theme? I am not that familiar with Customizing CSS, but I think I know a little how it works now.

If you have a solution for this, or more directions perhaps, this would be great,

Have a nice day,

Alright, try this:

#mainnav li:hover > .sub-menu > li > a {
  background-color: transparent;
  color: #FF8E00;

You should change the color of the typography too, otherwise it would be white on your white background.

I don’t really understand what you mean with the guide. The only thing from athemes is the documentation I guess. You can also search for “Sydney Wordpress” in YouTube. There are several tutorials. If you want to learn something about CSS and HTML you can check There are many tutorials on learning that on YouTube too.
The easiest way to check which code you need is to open your webdeveloper tools from your browser (I prefer the firefox tools) and inspect your page.

Best regards,

Thank you! It works again!

Also for the extra information. Ik know now beter where to learn!