Translations - Theme updates

With the last update my translation files got lost. What is the best way to keep them? Creating a child theme with only the language folder / files in it?

Nope, the folder won’t be loaded from the child theme.
A good way would be to use a plugin, like Codestyling Localization. I remember you said it had issues, but I see that people are using it.

Yes, I tried it again, but it produced a lot of PHP runtime errors again. I’LL let you know when I found something working - until you include language files with the template :wink:

Well, I was looking into crowd translations for some time now, finally managed to set it up:
Not really sure how it works yet :slight_smile:

Hi guys,

I’m gonna take advantage of this post and place the same kind of problem.

I can’t find the place where these English words are so I can translate them to pt_PT.
Check my main blog page at and you’ll find under each listed post the phrases Leave a comment.

I tried editing all .po files I could find (WP, Moesia, Jetpack,etc…), also tried Codestyling Localization and just can’t find where it is.

I’m currently helping with translating Moesia.pot at Vlad’s above mentioned project, but even there I can’t find it.

Hey Gabriel,

I got your message regarding the pt_PT translation and it will be included in the next theme version. Thanks a lot!

I belive you found it and managed to handle this? I see you translated it to Deixe o seu comentário on Transifex.

Hi Vlad,

Problem solved indeed :slight_smile:
Just had to upload both .po and .mo files to my server.

Thanks for the next inclusion!

I hope I’m doing right: I just requested to be on the “german team” at transifex. I added a subscription option and noticed a missing translation:

“2 thoughts on” = “2 Gedanken zu”

Well, if you’re able to translate then you’re doing it right :slight_smile:
But are you sure you’re looking at Moesia? That string isn’t part of the theme.

You are right, it’s from JetPack. Damn!