I want to have the theme fully translated to serve the local market. I started to translate the contact info widget with “phone” and “address” and so on. But without a child theme the changes disapear with updates.

Is there a good way to provide translation data to you? Do you use a kind of language file on which I could contribute?

How exactly did you translate the theme? By changing the PHP files directly? Every string in the theme is translatable so you can use a plugin like this one. Or you can do it manually using the .pot file found in the theme, but you’ll have to re-add the .po and .mo files after each update.

Yes, I changed the PHP files. Thats why it doesn’t last long. I’ll checke the plugin you mentioned. I this your prefered way of doing this? Or do you prefer to create a child theme and overwrite the new PO and MO files with it?

For me, it’s only this few words, not really worth a lot of effort.

I believe using the plugin is the easiest option.

You don’t need a child theme for your .po and .mo files, you just need to create them from the .pot file with Poeditor or similar software and drop them in the languages folder. But you’ll have to keep them on your computer and add them after each update, as I said before.

This plugin seems to have serious problems on 4.0.1. Looking for alternatives…

Did you find any good alteratives? I´m looking to translate a few things myself.

sorry, nothing new until now. I’ll have more time for it the next days. Doesn’t seem to be so easy…