Translation problem

Hi there! I’m using a few language files that translates WordPress to Swedish. However it seems like some things is still in English. So I’ve tried to use the themes language file to create .mo and .po files but for some reason, nothing seemed to change.

When I use my original WordPress language files most things change but not everything. One of those things that wont change is the “Leave a comment” string under each blog post on the blog page. The reason for this seems to be that in the WordPress original language file “comment” has a upper-case “C” where’s in Moesia, it has a lower-case “c”.

Is there any way for me to add more translations to the existing file? Even if I translate every single line in the Moesia language file, it wont help since it wont work for me. And the Moesia language file doesn’t seem to contain all the strings from the original language file either. Therefore I believe some things will still be in English, even if I get my translation of the Moesia file to work. Maybe I’m missing something. Is it possible to use both the original WordPress language files and the theme specific once?


Not really sure I understand what you mean by original WordPress language files?

If you create .po and .mo files from the moesia.pot file then you can translate all the strings from Moesia. Rest of the strings (like Leave a comment) are part of WP (not of the theme) and should change to your language if WP is already set to your language. Same goes for the .po and .mo files you made from the moesia.pot file, if they’re in the languages folder and WP is in your language, it should pick them up and use them.

What I mean by “original WordPress language files” is the language files I downloaded from the WordPress site to be able to change the WordPress language. I had to do that since I installed the English version of WordPress but wanted to change language to Swedish.

This means that if I translate the moesia.pot file and create the .po and .mo files, I will have to replace two of the files already in the language folder. Or am I supposed to put the moesia language files somewhere else? Because I can’t have two files with the exact same file name.

Oh, I understand now.

  1. The Moesia language files go in /moesia/languages folder (these files will be automatically deleted on update until we have fully translated swedish files to add to the theme)
  2. The WP files go in /wp-content/languages. Though there are already Swedish files there.

Right… Now I see the problem. I put the theme specific files in the wrong place. Now everything works as it should. I’ve signed up to help with the theme translation, but until that is completed I’ll keep the language files on my computer and add them to the theme after every update.

Thanks for your help.