Translation and permalink problem


Original permalink
Translated permalink


I have a problem related to translation and permalink. I have translated my localhost website from English to Chinese by using the Polylang plugin. Once I translated a page, say the “Service” page, I will use the title of “Chinese service” to name the translated page. Automatically, the permalink of the translated page will be formed as “localhost/wordpress/zh/chinese-service”. But I want to change the permalink as localhost/wordpress/zh/service. However, once I change to localhost/wordpress/zh/service, it will automatically become localhost/wordpress/zh/service-2.The above two pictures are for your reference. Can I remove the “-2”? And how should I do that?



Other name / service-2 as page title appears, because you already have or had a page called service, so you can’t have 2 pages with the same name / permalink.

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But how come the permalink of the other sites, such as, will not change whatever language you choose?


May I have any support here? Thanks!



Uber wasn’t translated the same way like your site does and also doesn’t use the same platform, here on WordPress you can’t do that by default.

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