Translate Widgets throuch polylang


I’m using Polylang to translate my site manually, however i’m having an issue with the HTML-editor widgets in the footer. I’ve translated the strings in Polylang, but they still won’t change when i enter the site.

Everything else I’ve translated through the strings works fine though, e.g. the headline “Contact” in the footer.

Thanks in advance,

Hello Jakob,

We have limited knowledge of Polylang because (naturally) our main focus is our themes. That’s why I kindly suggest you to contact Polylang support.

If you get a solution, please share it here, so other people with the same issue will be able to benefit from it as well.

Best Regards, Roman.

I didn’t find a solution to why the strings translation didn’t work.
However I found out that the widgets can show on specific languages. So I duplicated the two Editor-widgets and showed them on either English or Swedish.


Great Jakob, thank you for this information!

Please feel free to ask questions that you may have in future.

Kind Regards, Roman.