Translate headers

How can I translate headers for Clients, Projects, Services and others? They aren’t in the .po files and I can’t find a way to do that via .cs


These labels are avaliable:
before translation -
translation -
after translation -

Please install Poedit from on your computer. Then run it, and import en_US.po (if it is avaliable) file from your theme folder/languages into the program.

Next translate your labels and refresh your site.

If your site admin is in another language (other than English) then choose to create new po file for your language.

Import en_US.po or .pot (if it is avaliable) file from theme folder/languages, and select your new language from the Translation Language dropdown menu, and translate like advised previously.

When you’ve finished translating, upload your newly created .po and .mo files to the languages folder on your live server (saving your file will create .po and .mo files and it is important to upload both files).

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Sry for late response…

I know how to translate, but there are no labels available for headers. That is why I’m asking how to translate it.

When you type, I can’t find out how to translate the “Project” header. The same situation is with the other headers.