Translate, footer, fonts and masonry

I like the Theme very much. But can’t find some things.

  1. The thing that i would like to adjust is the titel of the service and testimonial and so on. It’s now in Englisch and i would like to translate it to dutch. How?

  2. Another thing i would like to adjust is the footer: Proudly powered by WordPress | Theme: Moesia by aThemes

  3. I would like to delete it, but do not know how. So how?
    And I would like to change the corps of some fonts. How?

  4. I would like to implement a moesia:masonry portfolio and do not know how? I already read the topics of these, but did not managed it.

Hi, you read topics, but have you check documentation? :slight_smile:

  1. Title: Go to your front page edit every section and write your own title. If your WordPress installation is in Dutch you have to create translation with poedit (by translating theme folder > languages > moesia.pot). Save your translation as nl_NL.po and Also check this post about translating (principle is the same).

2.-3. Footer: Can be edited from Appearance > Customise > Footer credits. Or apply custom css - see this post.

corps of some fonts? Please post your page link and explain it in details.

  1. As far as I know Masonry can be set for Blog, Appearance > Customise > Blog options > Masonry (no sidebar). I will check if Masonry Portfolio can be used.
  1. I’m guessing you mean the masonry portfolio extension:
    There is a video there that shows how to set it up. If you need further help with it we’re going to need to know where you got stuck.

He Vlad,

I managed the translation finaly but what will happen if i update the moesia theme?
I bought the pro version but i am nog sure if i use it. Can you have a look at
I would like to change the pagelayout of my the projects. Were can i do that?

Thank you very much for answering.

Greetings Onne