Tow dots when loading on mobile

I looked around and found similar topics but no answer. The site I am working on is . Nothing has been changed since Friday. Everything was working ok. Sunday night I got a call saying the site wasnt loading on mobile(safari) IE or firefox. I typically use chrome and it was working ok. Shortly after that I was told the problem only persisted on Safari. Previously I have gotten the two dots once or twice and refreshed and it was fine. I have tested or had it tested now on 6-8 different phones and the two dots persists. However if I keep refreshing eventually it will load, but I might have to refresh once or sometime 5 times. I can also see the page actually loaded in the back ground if I scroll up and down. I have turned on and off plugins and have not seen a difference however, I did briefly activate the Jetpack mobile theme and the sire loads but looks different. I am pretty new and any advice is greatly appreciated.

Again it was working all weekend with nothing being changed.

While waiting for any tips I did activate 27 theme and it loads fine. When I reactivate Sydney theme the load problem persists on mobile


Can you please deactivate all plugins except recommended for Sydney, and leave here a note?

You can create a staging website for troubleshooting purposes, here is an extensive tutorial:

Kind Regards, Roman.

I dont completely remember what plugins came recommended Sydney but I have deactivated everything except Sydney toolbox, wordefence and the endurance page cache that I believe was installed by my host. I also deleted then re installed several plugins earlier which did cause a change. Since I have done that I no longer get the loading balls on the home page but I do get them if I try and go two three other pages. However they will go away if I refresh once. Before when I had the problem on the home page I had to refresh several times. Let me work in it for a while. It might be working now and obviously Ill have to go through plugins one by one. I did this earlier but Im afraid my cache on my phone wasnt being completed deleted. Thanks

Okay, please let me know if you need more help.

Kind Regards, Roman.