Top Nav Move Text?

I’m unable to move my ABOUT|CONTACT to the left side of the bar. I’ve looked over this on firebug and I can’t figure it out. Can you advise??

Hi DJones,

"move ABOUT|CONTACT to the left side of the bar"
what do you mean move to the left side of the bar? I just check you site and the About|Contact are already in the left position.


Sorry- I meant move it from the left…to the right side! Thanks for checking!

I see…
Ok, to move the menu, you need to open the style.css
then add this script below:

#top-navigation .sf-menu{

see here:

I tried that and it’s not changing …can you give me a little more specifics as to where I place the code?

To edit the style.css, go to appearance > editor then in list of the right sidebar, choose the stylesheet (style.css).

then try to find (ctrl+f) this text .sf-menu ul:after. found it? then add this line above the .sf-menu ul:after

#top-navigation .sf-menu{

Or you can use this plugin to edit the style.css

It worked!Thank you so much- I really appreciate it!

glad to help!